Updates on Justice for Andreas Georgiou, Former Head of Greek Statistical Agency

Update posted by Maximilian Reisch On Sep 21

Dear Friends,

We are very pleased to share the news that Andreas Georgiou was honored recently with a commendation from no fewer than six major statistical organizations (listed below). The commendation was “to acknowledge Andreas Georgiou‘s upholding of the highest professional standards in his public service in the pursuit of integrity of statistical systems”. The commendation mentions in particular “his competency and strength in the face of adversity, his commitment to the production of quality and trustworthiness of official statistics and his advocacy for the improvement, integrity and independence of official statistics.” The commendation summarizes Andreas’ work, and is also a succinct articulation on the many acquittals, annulments, and convictions that comprise the saga. The commendation is available here. The accompanying press release can be found here.

Organizations participating in the commendation as of Sept 18, 2018 were:

·The International Statistical Institute (ISI)

·The Royal Statistical Society (RSS)

·The American Statistical Association (ASA)

·The International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS)

·The Federation of European National Statistical Societies (FENStatS)

·The Société Française de Statistique (SFdS)

On a more sober note, Financial Times reporter Kerin Hope reviewed concerns about the rule of law in Greece following the appointment of Michalis Kalogerou as the new Syriza justice minister. He mentions the Georgiou case as one of many examples that worry observers. See the full article here (subscribers only).

Thanks, as always, for your interest in this case and a big thank you for supporting it. We will continue to provide updates on a periodic basis.

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