Updates on Justice for Andreas Georgiou, Former Head of Greek Statistical Agency

Unfortunate Developments from Greek High Court
Update posted by Maximilian Reisch On May 18

Dear Friends of Justice for Andreas Georgiou,

we heard the discouraging news on Monday that the Greek supreme court has decided for a second time to annul the acquittal of Andreas on the charges of complicity against the state, meaning that he now faces triple jeopardy on these charges.

Here is the WSJ article on the news and that of Significance magazine. The ASA Board decried the decision in this statement.

Our sincere gratitude to all that have contributed to date and support Andreas with the extensive legal fees. We encourage everyone to continue to spread the word and raise awareness of Andreas’s case—whether it be the general injustice of the prosecutions, the newest developments, and/or the crowdfunding site—on social media using the hashtag, #AndreasGeorgiou

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