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Orbiter Pro-Life Video
Update posted by David Rosler On Mar 11

Some things are right and some things are just wrong. We don't know where the pet-lovers and sensitive tree-huggers are when it comes to the wholesale, cold-blooded slaughter of millions of their own species, but it is just wrong on every level in every civilized society all through history right up until the last few dacades, where supposedly "enlightened" individuals, whose lives were spared by their parents, decided that killing was okay. Late-term abortions - and you have all seen the images - of true fully formed babies slaughtered is particularly horrendous. I am not arguing the life of the mother. Or the one-on-a-million baby so malformed that it cannot possibly survive. There must be exceptions to every rule.

As a thank you to all those who have, continue and will support Orbiter with donations, I put this entire little pro-life video together myself and offer it to you with my most sincere gratitude.


Let Life live.

~ David Rosler

Writer/Producer/Director, Orbiter