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I give a smile to my mother that lasts until her last breath
Update posted by Daileen Colon On Jan 21

Hello, my name is Daileen. I'm going to share the story a bit so they understand the purpose of this campaign is to give that smile to my mother. My mother was a woman full of life and a hard-working woman who helped other people who needed help. She always tried to give us the best and we would never lack anything. In 2006, I had to go through a sad situation, separation from my father. I was only 12 years old. Life changed us was very hard. They lasted 15 years together. It was a very difficult process for my 2 brothers as well as for me and much more for our mother. Since we were a very close family. Being a single mother, she had to continue even stronger and with all alone. She had to give up her job as Secretary of an office, to take care of my grandmother. My mother today Feb / 2018 will turn 54 years old, I am only 23 years old I do not have enough resources, to be able to reach the necessary amount, of this great dream that is to be able to give a key of her own house to a mother who no longer has a roof In those times that he had to give up his work, we went through several needs one of them when we got to run out of water and without electricity on several occasions. I have faith that you can help me, you being part of this great donation and this smile I want to give my mother. I ask you for my heart's help to make this dream come true in my mother's life.

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