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Update posted by Mariann Garner Wizard On Feb 02

I launched this fund appeal at a time of great stress, feeling overwhelmed with problems large and small. The response to date of a small number of very special people has been most gratifying, and has for sure helped lift me from the Slough of Despondency to a more positive place! Thank you, one and all.
Especially kind have been the inquiries into my well-being, expressions of concern, suggestions for long-term remedies, and best of all, pledges of future support.
Again, I want to stress that my problems are almost entirely financial and 100% on me, unless I want to blame Lady Luck; I do not. Many people have bigger problems they did not bring on themselves; not to mention many pressing social causes everywhere. I don't want to take anything away from any of these needs. I'm used to being on the giving side, and I plan to be on that side again, if you will help me.
Priority One is putting a leach field on our property. Currently, costs of having the septic tank drained regularly are eating up rental income. The problem originated from a design flaw in our planning process. I had no previous experience with septic tanks and what are here called "soak-aways," separate, unsealed tanks that allow dispersal of filtered sewage underground. But I DID have access to people with experience, and had I been a bit more questioning and a bit less eager to start construction, the problem might have been avoided. It was not, and that's the reality I have to address. Some well-meaning folks have suggested I might blame someone else for this error -- there are several candidates! -- but there's nothing to be gained, and much to be lost by such accusations; better to get busy and fix the problem!
Plans have been drawn up, materials are being priced, labor is owed to me, and we're just waiting for the sun. Thanks to the folks who've helped me so far, this part of my financial mess is, I'm pretty sure, FUNDED.
Other needs are being priced and prioritized. I won't get real detailed here but will let you know through updates like this how it's going.
I'm also actively seeking writing and/or editing jobs. This is what I really need for long-term viability! All jobs considered, reasonable fees!

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