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There is urgency to transfer Mohammed to Hadassa hospital
Update posted by Julie Read On Jan 24

Mohammed has Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis,a rare type of cancer,that in his case has affected his lungs.His health has deteriorated in these last few months because the hospital in Gaza cannot offer him the treatment he needs.He should have started the new treatment last October,but the Palestinian Authority have not agreed to fund the chemotherapy or transfer him to the Hadassa Medical Center.

Mohammed desperately needs this treatment and without it his prognosis is extremely poor.With treatment the survival rate is 80% in children (Macmillan.org.uk)

The situation is urgent and as each week passes his condition worsens.At this stage of the fundraiser, we need to raise enough funds for him to be transferred to Hadassah and treatment started.We need to raise £600 to make this happen as soon as possible.

Many thanks to the people who have donated already.It is much appreciated by the family of Mohammed

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