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Update posted by David Rosler

Facebook continues its war against Christians and Orbiter in particular. They froze your director's ability to post in groups, the heart of crowdfunding on social media, though considering the degree to which Facebook has censored Orbiter, i wonder why they bothered. The National Religious broadcaster (NBA) asked me to write up the complaint in detail so they could take action and spread awareness. Here is what I wrote:


My name is David Rosler and I have been in the theatrical motion picture and television industries in various high-level creative capacities for almost 40 years, including as producer and director. My bona fides can be found at

I have been for months attempting to raise a small amount of completion funding for a very original kind of Christian motion picture, Orbiter, a faith-based, live action, stereoscopic 3D science fiction motion picture for theatrical release. Facebook and Twitter both are plainly attempting, with remarkable success, to stifle progress and ruin my business. No "glitchy algorithms" here, just plain old-fashion seek-and-destroy malicious censorship. What Facebook and Twitter have done, with their twin monopolies; one microblogging and the other macro blogging, is to collect the entire world into their control-spaces and then shut out the voices they do like like, basically controlling influence and business successes all over the world, like some kind of electronic ancient Rome at its peak.

Orbiter, is about what happens on the International Space Station when nuclear world war three breaks out on the surface of the earth. Obiter, by the way, is mostly non-political. It is political in the way that Fail-Safe and The Manchurian Candidate were political, but nothing about which US political party is right or wrong. The Christian message appears to be enough to drive the administrators in both platforms into a seeming state of warfare with me, my business and orbiter. The situation is becoming desperate now, since, without Facebook and Twitter, no motion picture in today's world has a chance.


1. My facebook account has been repeatedly locked, the last instance lasting 3 weeks, for no reason whatsoever. This has been going on for months.

2. Everyone agrees, without exception, including extremely experienced and savvy industry vets, that Orbiter's visual effects in the trailer stand toe-to-toe with relatively recent 7-time Academy Award winner Gravity. The trailer is no-nonsense and occasionally slightly intense. It has pretty faces. It is unique. So then, since when does something like this get posted many, many times on Facebook and Twitter and get NO - ZERO - responses. No critics. none. Nobody says "I love it", "I hate it", "It needs to be better", "this actress is great", "That actress is terrible", "When will be out?" "What software did you use?", "Which cameras", "Do you need an actor?", "It's great", "It stinks", "it's just so-so". The critics of the world just aren't interested a couple of obvious shill antagonists tell me - they speak, no one else does. Not in any movie site. not in any Christian site. Except once, when I posted to a proudly agnostic facebook group, that group saw it. And as expected, some haters piled on. What I think no one expected was the degree of support it got. 600 posts, 35 positive emojis on the main post 15 negatives. AAT WHICH POINT THE THREAD WAS CLOSED FOR ANY MORE COMMENTS. That is How orbiter SHOULD be seen on facebook. Instead, except for one facebook group in which it would have been easy to anticipate scathing negatives in which there are 600 posts of all varieties, we get NOTHING. Nothing on evangelical groups. Nothing in prayer groups. Nothing in MOVIE groups! NOTHING. ZERO. NOT A SINGLE CRITIC. Not a single know-it-all. NOTHING. BASICALLY A TOTAL FACEBOOK BLACKOUT.

3. Twitter is even worse. There is no interaction in any way shape or form at all. An absolute zero on threats, on-topic, posted dozens of times, where critics should have been in abundance, and not seen in hashtag threads. NOTHING.

4. I can post to people about everything from old monster movies, science topics, rubber toyes from thwe 1960's - I have been testing just how many places will injteract with me in general. Lots of new friends and all sorts of electic banter. I post anything about Orbiter - silence. no responses. ever.

it has been said that the social media giants can do whatever they want because they're privately owned companies. that is a ridiculous fallacy. To begin with, it is illegal to conspire to deny anyone a constitutional right under any circumstance whatsoever, regardless of the venue, according ti Title 18, section 241 of the criminal code. And conspiracy has a very broad definition which plainly includes what has been happening on social media.


Here is today's cute message from Facebook. Do you know what the offending post which they cite was? It was a totally polite post citing examples of scientific foreknowledge in the Bible. No insults, no threats, no bad words, no hidden meanings. And I get this:

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