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Update posted by Wilma Straub On Jan 01

Grants December 2017 ~1.166,33 Euro (excluding fees)
Via bank account: from the adopters of SARA: 300 Euro donation (excl. transport, travel documents) for ALL ROTTIES
Via bank account:15 Euro donation for ALL ROTTIES
Via GoGetFunding: 259,88 Euro (280 minus fees (20,12 = 2,87 + 17,25)) for MISHA
Via GoGetFunding: 184,85 Euro (200 minus fees (15,15 = 7,15 + 8)) for EVALUATION (all dogs)
Via PayPal: 130 Euro (10 + 15 + 50 + 35 + 20) for MISHA
Via PayPal: 105 Euro - Food costs (three months or more) for DORA
Via PayPal: 110 Euro (30 + 80) for ELLA (vet costs)
Via PayPal: 30 Euro for little SARU.
Via PayPal: 10 Euro for ALL ROTTIES
In cash:100 Lei ~21,60 Euro for MISHA
Two offers for one free transport.
Seven big bags of dry food from a German fire department and also two more smaller bags of dry food, some canned dog and cat food, blankets, towels, a dog bed, two cat baskets and a litter box organised and donated by SARA's adopters and their friends.

Thank you for helping!

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