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​MISHA - The new emergency case (no. 15) - ENGLISH TEXT
Update posted by Wilma Straub On Dec 03

Update 3 - Feeling much better.
The surgical threads have been pulled and MISHA is essentially better. Her skin problems began to heal.
A warm place, good food and loving care has allowed her to blossom after such a short time, the pictures speak for themselves.
Her blood parameters still not arrived, but the skin changes are now suspected as spider bites, that have become inflamed and scabby because of lack of hygiene.
Now she gets antihistamine and will stay for safety - if it should still be something contagious - another week at the foster home.
How beautiful sie became *blingbling

Update 2 - Already neutered.
The surgery is over, she is doing well in the circumstances and she can stay in the clinic until she is better.
The girl has a microchip, the phone number is no longer available and you can probably assume that she was disposed of.
Elena has spent the Sunday with a banana, two cups of coffee and the rescue, she is now on her way home.

Update 1 - Save!
The girl is save and right now at the vet!
She is about three years young and a very pretty sweetheart.
Elena has been offered a free transport option and there are also donations received via Paypal.
Thank you very much! <3

The beginning of the story
The Rottie girl lives on the outskirts of Bucharest in a disused warehouse.
Nobody cares for her except Elena, she feeds her regularly.
But the girl is sick, she urgently needs to be introduced to a doctor.
There is also a constant risk that she will be discovered by the dog catchers and brought into the killing.
Elena can only reduce her suffering on the spot through care and food, the poor mouse is still untreated.
The dog also urgently needs a separate and clean place in a house during the treatment.

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