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Update December 3, 2017
Update posted by Oliver Bodnar On Dec 03

Thanks to everyone whether you contributed or not...I know the thoughts were there! Thanks to all who did contribute financially and with food for the pups! That helps sooo much!

We're just under halfway there financially...I spoke with the landlord and gave him a little money, which eased the urgency a bit, but he needs the rest of the money next week and the woman who owns the little store needs her money yesterday!

If you're able to, please donate what you can so we can wipe the slate clean. I greatly appreciate everyone's help...this is no easy thing for me...it's a good lesson in humbleness and gratitude! I thought I was humble and had gratitude before, but apparently not enough! You have to deal with the dark before you can see the light!!

Thank You Very Much!!!

Peace, Love and Blessings to all!

Oliver, Petey, Chula, Guantes, Pirata, Camilla, Siete and Preciosa

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