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|Thankyou everybody so far.
Update posted by Taf Disorder On Aug 31

Thankyou to all the people who have supported us in this effort to get my wife allowed to live in UK again. We have failed in our previous application because we did not supply the correct documents to prove our income, so we have to apply again. Now we have the correct documents from the tax office and accountant so we are ready to go ahead with the application. They have put up the price for visa applications and also raised the price for National Health Service foreigner charge, so we need to raise some more money here.

With help and solidarity from our friends in the international punk rock community, we have received donations and good wishes, especially from Greece and Croatia and even Bulgaria...(which are not rich countries). Also so many people from the UK support us, it is very heart warming.

The Bristol Community have raised £1,000 towards this cause by supporting Disorder and "DJ Taf" fundraisers at The Chelsea Inn, for which Bristolians should feel very proud of the fact of our community spirit and solidarity in a very sad and difficult time for Taf and Miki.

We just need a little bit more help now please, if you are able to.


We recently spent some time together in Japan where we travelled all over South japan and were temporarily reunited. Unfortunately I had to return to UK and my wife had to stay in Japan. It is very hard for us emotionally and we both feel lonely. The application documents are ready to proceed so we have to pay the fee now. (Taf)

Taf Disorder

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