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85 Facebook Shares!?! THANK YOU!!!
Update posted by Gabriele Massa On Nov 20

Hey everybody, Gabriele here.

I just recently checked the funding page and even if we still haven't got any donations (Remember, anything can make a difference, even just 1 single dollar!) this page has been shared on Facebbok 85 TIMES.

This means 85 people were so kind to share it over on their news feed and I just can't say anything but a sincere big Thank you. Thank you for being so awesome and sharing this page to your friends.

I am trying my hardest to save up money for this community effort to revive the Pump It Up community over here in Italy, but being a simple 18 year old dude who's still studying, you do know i can't make that much all by myself.

The current list of stuff to get is:

-a HDD+Dongle kit of an official mix of PIU (trying to get a PIU Prime1 kit)
-PIU Pads
-A decently sized monitor for it
-Powerline for having Internet connection down in the garage
-A Capture Card
-Fibre Connection Upgrade for streaming

So yeah, stuff is definitely expensive. That's why your help could make a difference, so please, if you have anything, even just a dollar, consider donating it for a good community cause. My cab will be free to use to everybody who's going to come by, i don't want to charge any fees for anything!

In conclusion, thank you for 85 shares on Facebook, and if you can, consider putting a little donation on here. Hopefully next year we could have some Italian players competing in IPF ;)

Gabriele Massa

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