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Update posted by Yeoh Seok Yeow On Jul 29

On the 26 June 2017, around midnight 1.00 am, i was driving from Kuala Lumpur Sentral heading down to Melaka, (about 140KM away) along the PLUS Expressway and half way through a journey, I was involved in an serious accident where the car (Vehicle Plate no. MCR 8708) i was driving, was hit from the rear by 2 out of 4 other oncoming car which also involved in the accident, believably speeding at high speed, resulting the other car bang into the rear of my car that i drove and the car i drove was uncontrollably turn around twisting before the car i am inside, lost control and hitting on the highway steel divider. It was raining at that time, probably the car behind who collide me directly had over speed as the WAZE on my phone indicated the limit at 110 kmph minutes before this unfortunate accident that befall me. i was driving around 80-85 kmph

As the car I drove hit uncontrollably onto the steel divider, It was dark at night and raining, and the things inside my car, including my spectacle fall out of me and I could not see clearly inside my car and my phone that I stuck on the windscreen next to my steering wheel do flied out inside. My head hit on the steering wheel and i do not realise I am injured because it happen too fast but soon I realise it is an accident, i saw smoke come out of my front bonnet, i frantically looking for my phone to call my wife and my family. I managed to grab my phone and call my wife informing her I am been hit (by an car accident)

I do not realise the car I am in, was stuck in the fast lane on the expressway (sometimes they call it highway) it was long before i was still in emergency call to my family, I was been hit the second time until the car I am in, turn around 270 degree and soon enough another upcoming speeding car bang my car the third time.

i realised I was been hit based on my bodily sense that my whole body was pushed forward as a result of a hard blow coming from the back when the car was pushed forward as a result of the direct collision of another car hitting the rear side of my car

I was totally left unconscious and I could not know where i am. i think I am left unconscious and fainted for quite sometime before I saw unclearly lights of ambulance and siren.

I was sent to the ambulance and there where I was put on emergency ward before they transfer me to the surgical ward the next day. My right eye and my right face as injured. There is an internal bleeding on my right eye, and I was informed that X ray and CT scan was performed on my head and spine and lung to determine any fracture.

I was admitted into the surgical ward for observation and there they are awaiting while considering of taking another CT scan for my eye injury for possible surgery as the tiny bones beneath my right eyes are broken and the eye ball is not stable thus cause the double vision which result persistent headache, dizziness and nausea.

Result of the X ray and CT scan for the spine and brain did not show any fracture or any significant damage but it is just the eyes and the bones that indicate internal injury

Please I need your help and financial sponsor to help me fund this medical treatment

Thank you and GOD BLESS

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