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Project Noordhoeked - Summary for August 2017
Update posted by Sonette Nobuntu Hill On Aug 31

Paul is in a good routine now, where he starts at 7am on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to assist the Toad Nuts with measuring and moving Leopard Toads from "Toadsaver buckets" across the road. After this he cleans Silvermine road, main road, the Noordhoek Common and Beach. During the storms, our 3.5km beach was covered in plastic etc. He also continues to clean glass, wire and dog poo on a daily basis. I personally love going to a dog poo free beach, and believe that people are much more likely to clean after their dogs when the beach is spotless. On Thursdays and Saturdays Paul cleans the main road, Common and Beach. We also clean SeaCottage Rd on a regular basis, since once of our main sponsors live there:)

On the 7th, 8th and 9th of August we cleaned OuKaapseweg where we cleaned more than 100 bags of plastic. Lute from Little Gardens as well as a few other residents very kindly took all the bags to the dump. Lute continues to assist with bags.

Noordhoek Football Club received a R2500 donation which they used towards tracksuits for the 60 Masiphumelele children which they sponsor. In return they will clean around the sports-fields and into the wetlands for an hour before practice on Tuesdays.

On the Verge received a R2500 donation because they do amazing work at cleaning verges and making them beautiful. In addition to this, they clean the very toxic creeper "Bobbejaantou (Afrikaans)" thereby saving the lives of horses in Noordhoek.

In order to raise funds for the NFC, a local movie maker, Mark Chipps from Goosebump Production, local famous musician Donovan Copeley from Hotwater, as well as a few other local movie makers will join forces to create a short movie about the amazing coach Spencer who is a retired lecturer and volunteer who has mostly been self-funding the club. I hope to use this movie to raise funds for NFC.

In addition to the above, I am in discussion with Tony Budden, a Noordhoek local from the Hemporium as well as the talented local Graphic Artist Lynne Hoskins to create some really cool Noordhoeked Tshirts made from hemp! Guy from the Village Roast is considering selling these, but only if they are seriously cool and if the other partners like them. All funds will go towards the project. Watch this space : )

I continue to donate my time, bank fees, all bags, equipment, clothing etc. with love, because I love Noordhoek.

Thank you for your support!

To donate you can either do an EFT to Sonette, CQ Account: 62076265563 Branch:202309 or click Donate on this page. (see previous post for complete audit)

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