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We are just €219 off
Update posted by Paul Murphy On Jun 14

We expect the verdict in our trial late next week, and so we are getting ready for a final big push on social media. Over the last few months the mainstream media have almost completely ignored our case, However, we have used social media, and online advertising to get our message out there. So far we have spent thousands of euro promoting our videos, spreading the truth about this case.

We wanted to write to all of those who previously donated to our campaign to thank you for your support. We really couldn't have done this without your donations.

We have launched a final appeal for donations, to help us fund our final push, and our response to the verdicts next week. We are currently just €219 off of the €5,000 mark, mostly through small donations of €5, €15 or €35 euro. I know you have donated before, but would you be able to donate, even something small, once more?

To donate go to: https://gogetfunding.com/stand-with-jobstown-not-guilty/

If you can't donate yourself, could you share our fundraising video?

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