Updates on Safe Passage out of Ecuador for my Pets and Family

Some Hope
Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Aug 05

Dear all, its been a struggle this last two months, I had to quickly leave Ecuador while my fiance was in hospital and I was being discouraged of his recovery. Now, for the last three weeks I have been speaking with Petronio on the phone, he is fully recovered from his ordeal and I have just arrived in Spain to ask the Spanish Embassy and the Ecuadorian Embassy if they can grant him asylum and a special visa. so wish us heaps of luck. He is doing well, has recovered his travel documents but now we seriously need to get him out of Ecuador to safety now he is recovered and there is hope here in Spain. Keep sending us lots of good luck, thank you so far to everyone that has supported us both through this horrific ordeal.


May you and Petronio be reunited at last and receive a wedding gift of your pets.

Michael Carey

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