Updates on Safe Passage out of Ecuador for my Pets and Family

Deep Gratitude
Update posted by Carlita Shaw On Jul 08

It is really very strange to go from fearing for my life against a powerful elite who manage the Petroleum and Pharmaceutical industry in Ecuador to suddenly find myself in the western world of normality and the luxuries that folks in the west take for granted. I am still processing a great deal of personal trauma of what has unfolded over the last 3 months and need to heal, and although its stressful looking for a stable income and worrying about how to pay my rent in Ecuador and how I will find the funds to get my pets out of Ecuador to another country because I did not raise enough to reach my goal, which means I have to deal with returning in November to go back for them, so this story and the risks for me are still not over.

I am very sad about my partner as he is completely mentally broken and under complete control again now, I have not been permitted to communicate with him and now I have left the country which is what they wanted. I had to leave Ecuador as his family had me under surveillance and I feared greatly for my life. They control the Petroleum, Forestry and Pharmaceutical Industries and this ties into why they wanted me out since my work there was for the preservation of the Amazon and writing about the activities of the Petroleum and mining companies in Ecuador, they are part of the multigenerational MKUltra Mind Control programmes as are all elite families in Central and South America in order to keep control of the natural resources, if anyone wants documentation proof of this, I can email you the evidence including a newly released CIA document on Andres's great grandfather who was a Colonel who had escaped Nazi Germany to Argentina after the second world war, they tried to train Andres to become a handler, but he is too empathic and this continuously got in the way of his being used as a tool for various government agendas. I have sent all documentation and evidence to various high profile figures for public release in the event something still may happen to me.

Still, I am glad to have a little respite for now until I have to go back to Ecuador to extract my pets who are currently being adored by some excellent pet sitters. I have a great number of people I have to extend my deep gratitude for helping as I was really at severe breaking point myself fearing for my life and after seeing what my partner went through, I hope one day I can help him find asylum and although I still need to find stability, I owe my life and current safety to many kind souls, it brings tears to my eyes.....Thank you isn't enough.

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