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Letter to the Governor on Jeff's Behalf
Update posted by Warren Markowitz On Aug 02

A short time ago, Jeff and I discussed sending a letter in support of his clemency application to the Governor of Missouri. After some tossing around of ideas, and wanting to address the human side of Jeff and the opportunities that the office of the Gov has in righting the wrongs in our legal system, we got a letter that we believe puts the humanity of Jeff and the unfortunate circumstances that led to his conviction in front of the Governor and asked that he end this nightmare as only he can do it.

Letter to Missouri Governor

Please share this letter with all of the other supporters and thank you for the support that you give Jeff and his family in this time of need. All donations made here go to support the legal efforts to gain the release of the Bulletinman.

Respectfully, Warren R. Markowitz, Esq on behalf of Jeff Weinhaus.

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