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Fundraiser at the Kiln Bar on the 2nd.
Update posted by Gillian Williamson On Nov 29

We're having a "Busk" Fundraiser at the Kiln Bar in Scalloway on Saturday night, 2nd December at 9pm.

There will be Live Music from various artists including Alan Mckay & Robert Bennet who have just released their new album of guitar music; Marie Williamson & Nathan Leask with their band Hollow Mountain; Georden Williamson; Leo Froud; Keir & Radina; and other willing singers/ musicians.

We are also expecting the New Scalloway Fire Festival Guizer Yarl Leslie along with his Squad and previous Guizers, and would like to thank them all in advance for their support for Joseph's Bebionic Arm Fund, and also a massive thank you to Vera, the proprietor, for allowing us to start this in her premisis. Thank you x

Donations will be gratefully recieved on the door and any time during the night.

And if anyone else wants to come and contribute a tune please come along! All contibutions musical, vocal or other are welcome, or, just come along and contribute a listen ;) Should be a fun filled night!

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