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Update posted by Will Carruthers On Jun 20

Many thanks to all of you who have supported me in this and for all of your messages and donations. I am overwhelmed and more than a little humbled. The physical rewards have all been posted over the last three days and they should be with you within two weeks at the most. Sometimes these things take a little longer but please let me know if it goes over three weeks and I will seek to rectify matters. The books have all been sent out with tracking numbers and insurance. The non physical rewards, (the music and the skype calls) will have to wait until I get back from my performance at Glastonbury this coming weekend. It has been a very busy couple of weeks here in Berlin but it has been happy work for me in many ways. After I return from Glastonbury, I will be looking into the treatment options and I will keep you posted as far as that goes. Again, many thanks. I'll post a few videos and some of my thoughts over the coming weeks.


Hey Will, Hope you’re doing well out there, chief. Not to sound like a d**k, but I never got the tunes, etc. Was really looking forward to listening to them. Do let me know if you can share as per the funding :) Love the music you guys make, and best of health to you!

Abdul Qadir

Update posted by May 28


Artwork safely arrived in deepest, darkest Lincolnshire, thanks Will. Have a blast at Glast (or a blasto at Glasto if you prefer), all the best.

Tony Morley

Update posted by Jun 21

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