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Gestalt Survives KD!
Update posted by John Abrena On Mar 12

We would like to thank you for ALL your support. Prayers, good vibes, financial aids--every little bit helped! Nakadugtong po kayo sa buhay ng anak namin, and we cannot replace that with anything. Uulitin ko lang po, for emphasis: you ALL helped SAVE the life of our son.

It's overwhelming. One minute, we were faced with the very real, very palpable chance of losing a future. Through the Lord's will and all your help, we have changed that course. We cannot thank you all enough.

This page recieved over 14,000 views in the course of 5 days. Such a staggering number! I wanted to thank each person who shared the post personally, but we couldn't keep track anymore. But you guys know who you are. We have been connected to friends, family, people we haven't spoken to in a long time, people we didn't know, people from across the globe--all because of a simple share!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Our worldwide (yes, WORLDWIDE) prayer brigade is amazing. We truly felt the Hands of the Lord moving as each day passed. Gestalt became more bright-eyed and cheerful, more so right after the treatment.

Gestalt is about to leave confinement. He has been cleared by his pediatrician and cardiologist, but will be under strict monitoring throughout his life. KD is not a simple disease that just disappears. Worldwide, statistics show that it is the leading cause of heart failures in adults, and we want to avoid that. Next week, we begin our rounds of 2D echo scans again.