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EU BLOOD TEST... this is a biggun
Update posted by Jess Holliday On Apr 28

namaste Biscuit fans,

Whilst I've been enjoying my time back on the beach in Goa, my human, jess Holliday, has been arranging safe passage of my blood sample to the UK. A process of testing that means I bypass the quarantine process when I hit the EU. Involves 5,000 roops cost, blood test, courier and some patient processing time. Stage 1: blood test - complete. Stage 2: plasmas separated - complete. stage 3: finding a courier to get the blood work back to the EU - complete. Stage 4: blood sample to be submitted to UK testing clinic - in progress. Stage 5: processing. Stage 6: results expected in May/June.

This is the BIGGY people, this will ultimately decides if I can fly to the EU or not... fingers and paws crossed we'll know more in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, why not spread the word about my journey?! I've still got to raise just over £1000 to make everything possible with minimal financial stress and smooth all things out for my human, jess, who's just had to lay out 19,000 roops on a IATA crate for me.

Love light and licks for any and all promotion you can do that convert into £££. Mr Biscuits xx

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