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Hope amidst our growing challenges
Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Jun 07

Last May 25, a batchmate of my sister called me and told me that with their other batchmates, they pledged to pay the hospital bill of my sister. And on May 29 we finalized all the papers and requirements and made it official that my sister was discharged. But due to our circumstances, that noone will take care of her and that our house is still wrecked. She is still here with us in the hospital but incurring only additional rent for her bed.

We are so grateful and blessed for the people from Pioneer Batch '91 of Seton. Thank you so much.

We are also so grateful and bles*sed to the continued support and help from our friends, classmates, acquaintances, relatives and to people who shared and donated. Thank you thank you so much from me and my family.

Please continue praying for me and my family to overcome this challenges. I also created a facebook page for faster updates and all.


Thank you so much!

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