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Nearing our 4th Month
Update posted by Jessie James Gamis On Mar 10

Challenges keep on coming

Its been more than 3 weeks since my auntie was confined here in the same Hospital for diabetes and needed to undergo 2 minor surgeries. The laptop I borrowed from my uncle was used for collateral for them to be released but they still rent a small room just in front of the hospital because my auntie needs daily cleaning and weekly check up.

A light shines

My mom removed her NGT and taking food by mouth but still the blended food. It was hard but she been trying hard and tolerating some food once in a while and took her first communion last February 19 since she was confined here.

March 1, 2017 - Ash wednesday. I asked the preceding priest to give communion and ash to my mom who is inside the room.

Tshirt for a cause

I'm a member of a volunteer group of Baclaran Church called RMMS or Redemptorist MultiMedia Staff and they started a fundraising by selling Tshirts which they designed. Currently they are only in pre-ordering stage to raise funds for the materials and are taking order and releasing tshirts only every Sunday and located at the RMMS booth in the scaristy of the church. Me and my family are very grateful of it.

March 7, 2017 - Tshirt for a cause started by a volunteer group in Baclaran church for my mom's hospitalization.

PT session

As suggested by the PT, my mom was brought to the PT room by using a stretcher and had a session sitting up and down and other exercises for her good side because she still have no control on her right side and she's been in bed for very long.

March 9, 2017 - First time outside her room and first time inside the PT room.

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