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We have started sourcing the collars!
Update posted by Shirley Johnson On Jan 16

Very grateful for the money raised so far and thank you soooo much for everyone who has donated. Met up with Kathy, Chairwoman of the Tai O Cattle Community group, today to discuss actions to be taken right away with the sponsorships we have received. After the meeting, Kathy went to see a tailor who is based on Lantau Island and agreed on the cost to make the needed collars. She will visit Sham Shui Po in the next couple of day to source the materials.

On the other hand, we brainstormed more out-of-the-box ideas to get sustainable sponsorships and support in future. We also covered the topic on establishing a more positive rapport between the cattle and the local community. One of the obvious nuisances towards the cattle is their scattered manure. Kathy is going to talk to a gardening interest group on the island to promote using cow's manure as an organic and natural fertiliser for household plants.

Stay tuned for our updates and keep spreading the words for us so we can reach our funding goal!

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