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Haggis is getting better each day!
Update posted by Jen Crook On Nov 10

Haggis is now home and is getting better each day. We were able to pick her up on Monday night and she was still pretty wobbly and is showing some strange behavioural habits but in general symptoms are subsiding.

She still has very swollen legs from some kind of inflammation that appeared there towards the end of last week and we are icing and sudocreaming these each day to help take it down. Since her platelet count was still low when she left the ICU, these were initially a source of concern but her platelet number should now be increasing and the temperature of her legs is decreasing.

She has problems making eye contact when your face is close to hers. I have been advised that this is likely to be mild brain damage caused by the high intracranial pressure that occurred a few times when she was critical, but it will hopefully also be transient and she will get back to her old self again with some time. It is a bit sad to see her struggle with this. She has a habit of moving her nose towards you at the time when she would usually then give you a big, slobby kiss, but then seems not to know what to do and hides her face from you. Having said this, through encouragement and also just general improvement, she does seem to be getting less awkward with it and there have been a few sideways licks over the last day or so.

She also seems to have some kind of anxiety / nightmare type symptoms. She will go to rest her head before suddenly bringing her head up again and looking around the room in a confused / scared way. This seems to occur in episodes and only when she is not distracted. She also sometimes starts to whimper when she is going to sleep but this stops if she is comforted and she is seemingly snapped out of something when this happens.

On the upside, when distracted and none of the above applies, she is getting increasingly energetic and is awake for longer through the day. She is also getting away with a lot of soft treatment like sleeping on the bed and getting instant attention if she squeaks, obviously, which I'm sure will mean that she ends up having trained us to be at her beck and call by the end of the ordeal but we'll work that out then! :)

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