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Update 1: Transferring Hospitals
Update posted by Nhel Kevin Cacho On Nov 15

Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank you all once again for your donations. It will help us greatly. Please do share the campaign as well. That would be a great help too. Right now, we have a promissory note arrangement with Medical City. We are awaiting completion of the transfer to a government-backed hospital. This is the Don Benito Hospital.

We are queued at number 2. Your donations will be split between setting the bills on Medical City and the new hospital.

Thanks once again and may God bless you all.


Hi Everyone, We have completed the move to a government backed hospital and will help us a lot in lowering the bills. Thank you, thank you for donating a total of 50k pesos. Please do share it if you can too. May God blss you all.

Nhel Kevin Cacho

Update posted by Nov 17

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