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Campaign is Changed
Update posted by Monte Pescador On Jul 30

It will take some time going into August 2017, but we have changed our campaign. Without the ability to reach $1 million and with land prices rising to far exceed this amount, we are giving up on the first farm once again, for now, in order to address an immediate need. The Ford Ranger that has kept running around to assorted community gardens has run into mechanical problems in the last year, primarily from being pushed beyond it's manufactured specs. We aim to replace it with a work truck, the commercial use Ford F-250 with crew cab. That will be around $50,000, so that is what we aim for on the low end.

For another $50,000, we would also like to get a 15 passenger van for Winter emergency use, getting homeless to emergency shelters with the rest of the churches working the problem in the midst of Winter storms.

Finally, for yet another $50,000, we might consider a 30 passenger bus instead.

Anything beyond that goes to increasing food production in depleted community gardens by creating raised beds with fresh compost in 2018.

Thank you again for your support, in both donations and prayer, and God bless.

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