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What will the $200k be used for?
Update posted by Krista Reznik On Sep 27

DIR has four dedicated part time staff with 30+ dermatology authors and editors managing 20+online study tools, 3 publications, monthly case study/newsletter and a database of 20,000 worldwide users (includes 1,500 active resident dermatologists and 1,500 active MOC recertifying dermatologists). Over 20 online tools (including 4,000 Q&A bank and 1,000 high res images) for board and recert study require continuous updates to content, programming and functionality. DIR possesses the largest dermatology Q&A bank and the size+magnification options of the 1000+ images with the 4,000 Q&A database require a very large server and programming. DIR maintains and produces a study guide of over 650 pages in print, PDF and audio plus a 100+page high yield MOC Recert Guide and Board Cram Pack that is provided to 500 final year residents and 1500 MOC recert physicians in dermatology annually. In addition, DIR has an app in iTunes with over 14,000 users and 800 kodachromes.

Since August, DIR has received extremely limited funding. The $200,000 will be used to maintain the 20 online tools for derm residents and MOC recerts, provide 1500 residents with the updated study materials (including the 650+ study guide in PDF). In order to continue to offer DIR no or low cost to residents, we need to develop the technology and functionality to be able to charge a small fee for non-resident users (MOC recertifying physicians, non-US dermatologists, NP and PA) and accept Alumni contributions. This will require DIR to transition to a lower cost web-based platform with a “cart” or “checkout” function.

With $200,000, we can keep the existing model available through the ITE’s in February 2017 and then launch improved DIR in March 2017 just in time to assist final year residents with their board review study.

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