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Day 8: Sunday, Labor Day Weekend
Update posted by Stephanie Bellomy On Sep 06

Dave had a CT scan for his brain around 2 ish in the morning. Results are not immediate for us until the trauma surgeon or neurologist reads it. No time as to his arrival. Depends on his schedule. He failed what they call a CPAC test to determine if he's ready to come of the breathing tube. At this point it's just time will tell when he's ready. It's based on his brain recovery, his will, his cooperation and of course prayers. So that's it so far today. Everyone have a safe holiday.

So he's on a psychotropic drug that they will increase slightly in an effort to reduce sedation. Good news...he does recognize his brother Gary and I. They did the test for oxygen. We were hopeful for the tube to come out. He needs more time but they will try again in the morning. All of this is routine apparently at the trauma unit. Great news but as I said before every day brings new challenges. CT scan shows a 2 more blood vessels with a small amount of bleeding. They will monitor these because his blood pressure going up is of concern to the bleed. Also a certain pain killer had to be reduced that could further complicate the bleeding. He did well with the nurse commands and did exactly what they asked. He really wants off that tube. I feel bad. However it wasn't a pass on the test because of his oxygen levels and blood pressure raise. Doesn't mean he won't make it tomorrow. 5 to 6 am it may happen. Blood clots are a real concern so tubing with a screen to catch any clots that may move to the lungs may be put in also. We have to still be careful about his brain stimulation. He is anxious and that creates a blood pressure rise as well as the excruciatingly painful coughs that he has to so once in a while. I was at the hospital all day..tired.

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