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Day 7: Today marks one week
Update posted by Stephanie Bellomy On Sep 06

Apologize for the time difference and whenever these messages arrive to all of you that are working. Called this morning to check on Dave. His night was somewhat restful. Vitals are good. A positive sign for me was he squeezed the nurses hand and wiggled his toes. I'm so happy hearing this. They will discuss the breathing tube coming out today. So I sort of allowed myself to breath a sigh of relief. Prayers are working guys♡♡♡♡♡♡

OK I'm here now waiting for the trauma surgeon. He is showing a minimum response by squeezing his fingers and moving his toes, however a new set of issues will make his recovery longer. He may have a little more complications in the lungs. They have to remove mucous, flem???, they haven't said exactly from the lungs. Possibly from the bruising and broken ribs. I feel like pneumonia is lurking but they aren't confirming this. Other injuries are still of concern.

They came in to suction his lungs and give him blood thinners, stool softeners, Pepsid, suppositories so i said hi. I think he's coming back. He knew it was it was me. He did squeeze my hand!!! Omg he is so fortunate. Still risky. They're going to try again with the breathing tube.

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