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The reason fundraiser type change
Update posted by Vallentino Jullio Rehatta On Aug 21

Hello everyone,

Since this is the first time I help people with fundraiser platform, so I am still learning how to deal with all of this. In this first update I want to let you know that I change the type of fundraiser from "ongoing fundraiser" to the "specific end date". Also with that change, the amount of money that we need become 20000 USD for the whole education process which are six years in elementary.

The reason is because I am not sure which one is suitable to choose, and because I was tried to be honest about the little girl and her mother situation. But then I think, maybe its hard for people to trust others without legitimate profile or experience in charity movement and till now no one respond to this charity.

I don't want to push anything but, they really need our help.

We hope anyone could help them.

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