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Halting the Drive for the Baby
Update posted by Helen Mary Barrameda On Aug 30

I started this fund raising campaign last week for my mom. None of the money goes to my son, because my husband and I have taken that as our responsibility as parents to be. The books for sale and my DSLR camera sale proceeds will go to my son and that's enough.

All the funds that came from here go directly to the cousin in charge of managing my mom's operation.

I wrote this campaign at the time she was held in a hospital and they were asking for a minimum of Php 300,000 (roughly $8,000) to let her stay in their facility to do the life saving operation. I was not able to meet their deadline so I discharged my mom from the hospital and transferred her to the government facility PGH. They required 150,000 pesos for the urgent operation or roughly half of the amount I initially posted online.

Considering that the main objective is to raise funds this one time for that single procedure, I think that the campaign's objective has been completely achieved.

She is now lined up (14th in line yesterday for a hospital bed, last I checked) at PGH's paying facility. After that, there will be PCSO and PAGCOR financial assistance for the other requirements. There will be subsequent treatments after they get the cancerous mass out and tell us her chances of survival and the odds of chemotherapy killing off the cancer that is killing her.

As a daughter, I live three hours away from where my mother lives after I got married. But even if I am bedridden and also fighting to save my baby's life, I simply refused to believe that I just need to listen to classical music and be deaf to my mother's needs during this painful time in her life. So I turned to this crowdfunding initiative to help save her life after I did not get any tangible financial support from those who are closest to us once me and my husband's funds bled dry, including my childbirth expense.

BUT I must also acknowledge and emphasize that while we were able to secure her a fighting chance out of the generosity of this campaign's donors, this fund raising campaign was NOT in any way designed to sustain everything or promote complacency among other family members who need to do their part to help out in this crisis.

You all came through during this time of need as donors, but I refuse to continue the drive if the means have somehow already been achieved.

The future provisions from approval of financial assistance programs are there and it needs to be used. I just secured the urgent funding from this campaign for one crucial life saving operation. I am not going to raise funds habitually every time she needs help.

I just made sure that this one crucial time, the relatives back there at home will stop pointing fingers on who should shoulder the hospital bill for my mom and get her the help that she deserves with this jumpstarted fund. Because that's what they did last month when I tried to quietly raise funds at home as my mom's situation worsened, even when one of them can in fact afford to pay for my mom's operation twice at PGH. That's the painful reality of this situation. That bit of truth hurt more than my mother's cancer diagnosis. The ironic thing was that it was the bipolar and bedridden pregnant woman who saw the urgency of this operation. I will not regret exposing ourselves publicly because it gave her a fighting chance.

On my end, I have done what I can, even more than what I can technically do given my bedridden state. And the baby needs me to rest and resume my other freelance initiatives so that I can recover the childbirth money that was used up during this crisis.

I thank you profusely for helping us out from the bottom of my heart. I will keep posting updates on where the money went.

If there are still people who want to donate, I am most thankful and I will just give you my mother's bank account so that she can receive them directly. As of the moment, my husband is transferring all the money we have raised for my mom.

Plan B for the funds raised: If anything unfortunate or tragic happens to her and the money is not used up for her operation, I will re-donate the money to another urgent medically related crowdfunding campaign here to save another life. I am hoping for the best, but we have to accept that at this stage, anything can happen.

I just have to close this down and do some measures to focus on my baby this time around. I will not forget your generosity to us in this great time of need. I spent a few months focused on the old life (my mom).

I now have to rechannel my energies to focus on the new life (my unborn child) who is just about to see the world for the very first time in January.

He deserves a fresh lease in life, and he deserves a healthy uterine environment that I can only provide if I do my complete bed rest requirements.

God bless you all for your donations, and thank you so much. You are all amazing and unforgettable.

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