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Praying for a Miracle
Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 20

The blood tests results are already at the right levels and we are hoping to get her released anytime this week since the immediate danger has been addressed already.

Our main challenge is the hospital bill since we can't get her out until we settle the bill. There are little miracles here and there as friends and family provides continuous support and assistance.

As of today, the balance is about 412K excluding the professional fees of the Doctors. Most likely these fees will be huge as well.

We are finding ways to raise the funds or get the hospital to agree to give us some extensions to be able to settle the bill. We are looking into banks to extend loans on top of the existing loans. We've been trying to sell a property that we have but still no luck....

Last night, I receive a touching message from somebody that just melted my heart.... Again... I'm so humbled by all the prayers, concerns, assistance we are getting.... Indeed God works thru others...

We are still hoping for some miracle for us to figure out how to settle our hospital bills but we are thankful that our mom is out of immediate danger for now ...

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