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Update posted by Macjune Tolentino On Jul 12

Just an update...

The doctor recommended to drain the bile via PTBD. The intent is to put a tube at her side that will be connected to an external bag where the bile will drip. 3 or 4 months ago, this was a procedure we've decided not to pursue in favor of a stent insertion via ERCP. The stent insertion is favorable simply because it will be inside her body and no tube going out of her side which can be a cause of infection.

Now, we were given that choice again but this time the doctor being more in favor of the PTBD procedure. Last night, we've decided to go for the ERCP procedure despite the chances of it being successful. It has been performed early this morning but failed.

My mom will be scheduled tomorrow again for the PTBD procedure since there's no other choice. It is this one or her ending up in a coma due to blood poisoning due to the bile infection.

Each hospital procedure cost so much but despite the debts, we don't have much choice but to push for it just for the chance of prolonging our Mom's life.

We do hope for the continued support. Please share this fund raising page to others. Each peso received is a big help and would mean a lot to us.

Thank you again for your kindness..... God bless you and your family

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