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Update posted by Daniil Ilnitskiy On Apr 27

A church in the city of Sevastopol is building a new church building,

right next to their current one, which is located on Stepovaya 18. The

old church building was built approximately 25 years ago, where the

second floor of Brother Peter Ivanoglu’s residence was used for church

services. Now, Brother Peter Ivanoglu’s family has grown, and his

married son lives in the garage. The church has also grown, and is no

longer able to fit. For this reason, the church decided to build a new

house of worship. Currently, the church is working on constructing the

basement by preparing concrete using a hand-held concrete mixer because

they do not have the funds to order pre-mixed concrete.

I grew up

in this church before immigrating to America in 1995 and have never

been back, yet kept in contact with my relatives. God willing, in the

month of May, my wife and I will visit this church. I have a desire to

ask the brothers and sisters living in America to collect funds for the

construction of this new church building. Let God place the desire in our

hearts to help! - Daniil Ilnitskiy

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