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Update posted by Lou Matthews On Mar 28

Hi everyone,

Thank you again for supporting my fundraiser for Secret World Wildlife Rescue. We didn't have the best weather this weekend did we! Today the rescue centre was closed due to structural damage to parts of the site, luckily all the animals are safe. This meant that I lost a day of fundraising but in the end with both the online and collection box I managed to raise £500. This I am told by our head of animal care will allow me to buy the incubator we need for the hospital room. Hurrah!

Once it is bought, paid for and delivered, I will post a photo so everyone can see the amazing contribution you have all made to the amazing work that Secret World does for our local wildlife.

So, SO grateful to everyone who supported this fundraiser and if you are a winner, you will receive an email to congratulate you on your prize shortly.

My two impartial nephews, aged 2 & 5 yrs old, helped to draw the winning tickets out of a pillowcase before they went to bed tonight.

HUGE thanks to Felt Mistress for making Bertrand Badger & Matt Sewell for the badger/bird print.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

Lou & nephews :)

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