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Update posted by Maria Wilby On Jul 22

At present we seem to have changed role from what we started doing. We still visit Calais regularly and have been supporting such wonderful events as an Arabic evening for our new Syrian neighbours to meet Colchester's wonderful community and an Eid celebration in the amazing First Site building - who let us have the space for free. We do a lot of advocacy work now - with people who have made it here from Calais, families who are living here but cannot access support or need a small gift of money to move on a passport application or send help to a loved one still in a dangerous place. We have been able, through your generosity, to change lives with relatively small donations - although they do of course mount up! And crises happen, so its always good to have a fund building up so we can respond to urgent needs. One person posted on here that they had only a small amount to give - thank you to each and every one - small amounts can enable a bus pass for a week which will enable somebody to access a course. It can pay for a phone card so a family can communicate after a year apart. It can buy a dress and a present for a small child who has been invited to their first English party and has nothing to wear and no gift to take. I know you understand...just wanted to share - Thank you SO much

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