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Mission Not Impossible!
Update posted by Natalie Marshall On Sep 07

Hello to all!

We are proud to announce that on Sunday 6th September 2015 the weather was on our side and we were finally able to do the skydive!

The day was unreal. The courageous Gladiators threw themselves out of a plane at over 10,000ft! Such an indescribable feeling and experience that we urge you all to have at some point in your lifetime if you haven't already!!

Shernette would like to take the time to thank her cousins for all their hard work, commitment and efforts in getting this fundraiser of the ground and playing a big part in making Shaye's dreams come true and giving him the same opportunities we have all had at some point of our lives growing up as kids. In a world like Shaye's that we have never known, we over look the simplest of things or take for granted the most minimal things we can do, things that her child will never be able to do or achieve because of his disability. But because we have reached our target, he now has an opportunity to have at least one thing in his life he is able to do independently and that he enjoys. So a big,big thank you to all who have donated and supported us throughout this journey.

Below is a short clip of the plane we were in taking to the sky. Stay tuned for more video!

Much love from Shaye and his Gladiators.

Shaye's Gladiators - Up, Up and Away!:

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