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Update posted by Kathleen McBrair On Sep 05

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Emma and I have found a new vet who is very experienced with geriatric dogs AND brachycephalics.  The best news is that she will avoid anesthesia for x-rays unless deemed absolutely necessary to get good films.  I didn't go into details about our earlier vet visit, but that vet wanted to anesthetise her for the films, and he also gave her vaccines without my ok.  Have been discussing these issues with my great network of dog friends, and Liz Marshall sent me the link for this clinic.  THANK YOU, LIZ!

I received a phone call from the new vet.  Wow, I like her.  Emma has an appointment for next Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.  She will get her needed x-rays WITHOUT anesthesia and will only get some sedation if deemed absolutely necessary.  Awesome.  The preliminary estimate for this visit is $143.00 for the office charge and two x-rays.  This does not include any medications or other treatment/diagnostics that may be deemed appropriate during the appointment. 

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