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A year later
Update posted by Kathleen Smith On Jul 09


What a year it's been. I am alive :-)

At this moment I am taken aback and will write more when I can get my words together. I have a lot to say! 1,455.OO Raised in 2015. Praying for more help in 2016, thank-you ♡

I just came back to edit this post. I have to add that I honestly feel sick having to recommence this campaign :-(

I was in dire straights before my diagnosis & things have only gotten worse. I am trying to do a 180 degree turn on my eating, living habits and am finding it a difficult & expensive challenge. Why should eating clean be so damned expensive and the appliances needed, wholly! If you blend, dehydrate, mix or mulch, you know what I mean. I am a 57, trying to survive on a pension and humbly asking for your help. I

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