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Congratulations, you did it again!
Update posted by freemarissanow On Nov 23

Dear Marissa Alexander supporters,

CONGRATULATIONS! Yet again, Marissa Alexander's supporters have reached a crucial fundraising goal!  You have raised another $40,000 for the Marissa Alexander Legal Defense Fund. Words can not describe how much gratitude Marissa and her family and friends have for the outpouring of support. Your donations, letters, and actions have been truly incredible. THANK YOU SO MUCH! A report on all that the Freedom Fundraiser has accomplished will be coming this week.

A special shout out goes to the fantastic Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander who, through the #FreeMarissa store and other fundraisers, have raised nearly $16,000 this year!  Visit the store to pick up some beautiful items: https://www.zibbet.com/FreeMarissaAlexander

People have really dug deep and given what they can, from $5 to $5,000!  Folks have created t-shirts, music, art, and community projects that have steered the conversation towards the importance of the issues in this case -- women's right to self-defense, the violence of racism and sexism against black women in their homes and in the courts, devastation caused by mandatory minimums and the prison system, and the systemic criminalization of domestic violence survivors.  Your passion for supporting Marissa and other women incarcerated for navigating the conditions of domestic and sexual violence has shone brightly in this campaign since Marissa received that guilty verdict and 20 year sentence in 2012.  There's no way that she would have gotten this far without your consistent love, rage, and commitment.

Again, we'll have a bigger report about where we go from here later this week. You are welcome to continue to donate to this fundraiser until then!  Every donation is crucial for winning the freedom for Marissa Alexander!

Thank you and much love,
Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign


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