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January 2014
Update posted by Joseph Lang On Jan 22

The month of January 2014 has come to a close and we are thankful for the amount of generosity our donor's have shown to us. Thanks to your donations 20+ people have recieved clothing which has helped to save them from the grueling elements of the winter months.

Hypothermia, Influenza, Pnumonia and other contagious diseases are a real threat to the homeless during these cold months of winter. While our organization is still small and is only able to help a select few who are in need. With every donation we recieve our capacity to help more people survive these deadly conditions grows.

Every donation gives hope and help to those who need it and every donation is very much needed. I hope that our current donors will continue to support our cause and that future donors will do all that they can to help our organization grow and help as many poor and homeless individuals as possible.

Thank You.

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