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Update posted by Lisa Dundas On Jul 12

Elaine and I had always planned that we were going to return with this project, with people. We wanted others to see and experiance what we had, and to help out on the project. We also wanted them to come home and share the stories of the families we met and the stories we were told.

This December, we have 3 fantastic people coming with us to help. Two have been over to the Holy Land before, one, it will be her first time...and what an initiation it will be for her. One of our ladies is a beekeeper, so we are looking to help out on bee projects out there. It would be far too costly and time consuming setting up something new as we are only there for 10 days, but we have found 2 villages (incidentally where we have worked before) that have hives, so we are going to add new hives to their collection and our lady can help show then how to make products out of the beeswax which is left behind from the honey extraction. (I don't want to name the people who are coming with us, in-case they want to stay anonymous).

It is now about 5 months until we fly out. I am in touch with our contacts out in Palestine, planning our trip and where we will visit and help in December.....please keep looking in for updates and also have a look on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Feed-a-Village-in-P... for more updates.

Thanks again for all your donations, every pound raised counts.

Lisa xx

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