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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Apr 22, 2018

Almost 1kg! But still a long way to go. Please keep on praying

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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Apr 07, 2018

These photos were taken last 03 April 2018, Tuesday.

1. Marqi moment - holding on to mommy's fingers. :) She now knows how to grab and hold.

2. Look at how her foot grew longer :)

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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Apr 07, 2018

Marqi was off the ET tube today (07 April 2018)!!!!

1.Mommy and Marqi, for the first time, share a hug and hear each other's heartbeat and feel each other's warmth. Research shows that Kangaroo care is meant to help the growth of premie babies as the exchange of heat helps release oxytocin and makes the babies feel more secure as this mimics the mommy's womb. :) Touch is still the best way to make the babies feel more loved and secured.

2.. Marqi enjoying her little "tsup tsup". It is used to stimulate any baby's sucking skills since the babies this age are not yet allowed to latch on their mothers. So in the meantime, they are made to practice. :)

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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Mar 16, 2018

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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Mar 14, 2018

Look guys! My color is getting better.

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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Mar 11, 2018

*(Updated List as of 06 April 2018)

Thank you to all who helped us raise funds and continue to support us all the way:

The Samson family: Tito Taba Samson, Tita Baby, Ava Samson-Del Rosario, Monica Samson-Escano, Twinkle Samson-Marcelo and DJ Samson;

Hana N Anduyan-Bostic, Greenville, NC;

Atty. Veronique "Inxs" Nazareno;

Tara Cabling and Monica Marchadesch;

Fiscal Kai Lotis Rosario-Sambajon;

Tita Imay Marchadesch;

Joanne Lizarondo;

Ruff Penilla;

Naomi Cammayo;

Jeai Cordero;

Ea Senga-Lamayan;

Tito Kris and Tita Ana Lagman;

Juvy Salazar;

Atty. Kalay Laudencia;

Atty. Andy Joson-Mendiola;

Tito Abog Topacio;

Tita Susan Topacio;

Edz Bernardo;

Amor Borromeo;

Alice Bernabe;

Susan Valdez;

Tess Espinosa;

Jen Samson;

Dodjie Lagman;

Eugene Supnet;

Tito Euly Laurente;

Tito Perto Rodriguez;

Paolo Vialo;

Kuya Mike Sta. Ana;

Tita Winnie Dimanlig;

Tito Larry and Tita Allen Santana;


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Update posted by Sai Hassani On Mar 11, 2018

Hi everyone! It’s my day 4 in the NICU. My day today is quite better, I just needed to go on some light therapy for my jaundice. And I’m still trying to learn how to breathe on my own. As of now, I still need some support for my breathing, but promise I will work harder on that.

But I think the light therapy gave me a better color. Haha. I’m still hanging out with my other premie neighbors Dani and Wynter. Wynter woke me up because she was so noisy when the nurse changed her clothes. She is quite bigger than me at 33 weeks, but is such a cry baby! I couldn’t get my beauty sleep.

I will update you again soon. I hope there will be more days as good as today.

Super thanks to my Ninang Inxs and Lola Imay for my first donations. Kisses to you!!

-Baby Marquis the Premie Rockstar

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Super thank you tita Jeai. And for your prayers especially. 😊

Sai Hassani

Posted On Mar 13, 2018


I hope and pray for your complete recovery. May the Lord boost your health. Keep fighting Baby Marquis!

Jerand Cordero

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