Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On May 10, 2019

People would always comment that you were like a little adult, quiet, reserved and we would always struggle to guess what was running through your mind.

There would be times we wished that you'd just throw a tantrum, like other kids do, at least we would know what you wanted and maybe we could give it to you. We know losing your hair all over again breaks your heart. You would just stare at the cluster of hair you picked up and with a poker face you would hand it to us to throw away. If we ask you what are you thinking or what are you feeling, "nothing" would always be your answer.

We wish you'd tell us more. But we guess you'd rather be your amazingly brave self.

We love you so much Chloe. Hang on, our God is in control.

Please pray for Chloe's fever to subside permanently so that we can be discharged the soonest, and for her emotional health as well. Homesickness, the losing of her hair, the physical pains are all taking a toll on her. We miss seeing the child in her.

Thank you Lord for your mercy and presence. We cling on to You.

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Apr 27, 2019

Urgent Prayer Request and Update:

Chloe's latest blood check showed her blast count to have gone up to 20%, when we started treatment in NUH last December, it was only 7% and have gone down to 2% and eventually to 0% around February.

It's bad news that the blasts have gone up, so now Chloe is being admitted at NUH for chemotherapy that would be infused into her for 24 hours for 5 straight days. Instead of her usual 2 oral chemo drugs (etoposide and sirolimus) She would also be taking on Cytarabine and Azacitadine thru I.V. Then they also change her oral etoposide to IV etoposide. So all in all it will be 4 types of drugs that would be put into Chloe's body.

Please pray that she would tolerate it well with no side effects and it would push down the blasts to zero, with her blasts around it may mean chemo meds are not working and our transplant may be pushed further away. Please also pray that she would be discharged soon as we are avoiding inpatient treatment as much as we can since its more costly and not to mention depressing for our little warrior.

Chloe has been mentioning wanting to go home but praise God that she is patiently obeying that she has to stay and be treated.

All glory to God. By His will, we earnestly anticipate His faithfulness

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Apr 22, 2019

Another step closer!

Praise God for His provision. Having Paid for Chloe's BMDP means we are on our way to Chloe's Bone Marrow transplant in 6 months time.

Praise God and Thank God for His grace and mercy that Chloe is still in high spirits, cheerful, active, and has good appetite.

Please continue to pray for us:

- That Chloe's body would continue to hold up as she continues her chemotherapy in preparation for her transplant.

- Financial provision as we continue to raise the amount needed for the transplant

- Emotional strength, as the number of days grow that we are apart, its making it hard especially for Chloe and Madison that our family is not together.

May God grant us hope, joy and comfort.

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Apr 10, 2019

Prayer Request and update:

After satisfying series of criterias, and base from the findings over the past few months, the doctors have now concluded that Chloe has JMML (Juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia), a much rare type of leukemia.

Moving forward, Chloe would need to go through a 6 month long chemotherapy course in preparation for her bone marrow transplant of which she has started last Monday (April 8).

Please pray that her body would be able to keep up and overcome, that no further complications arise and that she wouldn't encounter any setbacks.

Chloe's blood will also be sent to Sweden for further study to know whether her PTPN11 is linked to her JMML or genes, hopefully this would give the doctors a better view and help them in treating Chloe.

Please continue to cover our family with your prayers, especially for moments when we are feeling weak and attacked with anxiousness and doubt. May the name of the Lord be glorified.

If the Lord has touched you to share your blessings please see details below.

BDO SAVINGS ACCOUNT Jan Michael G Oyales 000270190600

METROBANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT Luyee G. Oyales 177-3-17720651-3

CHINABANK CHECKING ACCOUNT Jan Michael Oyales 101-4699 312

BPI CHECKING ACCOUNT Marisa Huang 1950-0213-53


Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for our Amazingly Brave Chloe.

Though we are weak yet He is strong, we need not be afraid we need only to trust in the Lord.

#AmazinglyBraveCHLOE #ABC #keepthefaith #letsfightleukemiatogether #chloe_nicole #staystrongchloe #chloestrong #nuh

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Mar 28, 2019

Accesing her port-a-cath.

Today Chloe's having another of her many more intratical chemotherapy given through her spine and later more chemo via I.V. through her port-a-cath.

Nervous as she is, our Amazingly Brave Chloe trying her best strengthens daddy and mommy as well.

Truly when we are afraid we need only to trust the Lord. When we are weak then He is Strong. May the name of the Lord be glorified.

Have a blessed day everyone.


#AmazinglyBraveCHLOE #ABC #keepthefaith #letsfightleukemiatogether #chloe_nicole #staystrongchloe #chloestrong #nuh

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Mar 20, 2019

Prayer Request and Update:

Chloe is now on her 2nd week of her third round of etoposide but combined with chemotherapy for her ALL this time.

Her blood stats are going down, which is as expected but is keeping us anxious.

Now our goal is for Chloe to "earn" her bone marrow transplant. Her tumor load has to go really low and overall body response have to be well so that the transplant doctor can give us the go for her transplant.

Please pray for the chemotherapy drugs to work without the toxicity and Chloe's immune to hold up by God's grace.

May God grant us wisdom on how to care for Chloe physically emotionally and spiritually for her to be strong and ready for the transplant.

May the Lord grant wisdom for the doctors on when will be the right time to do the right thing.

Please pray also for provision as we continue to pursue to raise the amount needed for the transplant and the chemotherapy and other procudures after the transplant.

Please pray for strength for our family to stand firm and stay strong together as we face this with Chloe.

God is good everyone! May the name of the Lord be Praised! All glory to Him!


#AmazinglyBraveCHLOE #ABC #keepthefaith #letsfightleukemiatogether #chloe_nicole #staystrongchloe #chloestrong #nuh

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Mar 14, 2019

Hello everyone!

once again thank you for your prayers and support! Words cannot express our family's gratefulness. Please continue to pray for us and support us through your generosity as we continue to raise the upcoming big amount needed for Chloe's bone marrow transplant. We have a long way to go and have not started on the main treatment which the doctor's have quoted intially. But we believe everything will work out for our family through everybody's kind hearts and may the Lord reward everybody many times more.

On Chloe's Update; Chloe was given Intrathecal Chemo which will go through her spine to protect her brain from the leukemia plus she has officially started another round of Etoposide along with chemotherapy drugs targeting her ALL as well.

Please pray she tolerates it well since the drugs are not new to her body anymore, that they will still be effective minus the toxicity. Hopefully all these would further push down Chloe's tumor load to zero.

Plus its daddy's turn to be poked by a needle! In preparation for Chloe's bone marrow transplant, which is a must for her to be cured, daddy had his blood checked for matching to see how compatible He will be with Chloe. Please pray that it would yield a favorable figure.

We are standing strong and holding on for our family's miracle! To God be all the glory!

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Mar 05, 2019

Praise Update and Prayer Request!

Praise God that Chloe was discharged last week just in time since St Jude doctors were in Singapore last March 2 and we were able to secure a consultation. Chloe's Case was presented to them, and they were able to give out recommendations and chemotherapy drugs to try based on similar cases they've encountered. They have also confirmed that the Singapore doctors have made the right moves so far. Thank God!

The doctors might be giving Chloe the new medicines this Thursday, as they still have to meet and think it thoroughly before making the next move. May God grant them wisdom.

Hopefully little by little Chloe would be able to achieve remission so that we could proceed with bone marrow transplant. Without the remission, her transplant risks are too high to gamble. Plus there is also the Chemotherapy needed to be able to perform the transplant which is a "high risk and high reward" move, its a the preconditioning medicine that they need to administer to her before the bone marrow transplant, so we need Chloe to be in her best state as much as possible.

Although there is now no opening for Chloe to be part of any clinical trial under St Jude's Hospital in Tennessee, we Praise and thank God for our beloved host families, our second home, who generously took us in, making our stay in Singapore comfortable and encouraging. Truly God has been true to His Word to provide. We need not worry.

Please do continue to pray for us. We will remain strong for Chloe as our Almighty God is with us, we need only be still and follow His leading. By God's will, nothing is impossible!

#AmazinglyBraveCHLOE #ABC #keepthefaith #letsfightleukemiatogether #chloe_nicole #staystrongchloe #chloestrong

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Feb 27, 2019

Still admitted for 6 days and counting...

Chloe continuously had fevers and was shivering with chills for the past few days. Her temperature even went up to 41.6 degrees. So far there have been 4 blood cultures and everything came out negative. It was a stressful time as the doctors had difficulty ruling out from where the infection was coming from.

Finally after Chloe went for a CT scan, the results showed an unknown white patch in her left lung, and something in her nose that might be a fungal infection. Praise God that both seemed to be viral and her fever has left her since yesterday noon time, praying it doesn't come back so that we can be discharged tomorrow. After several types of antibiotics and antifungal, the latest one, the Arcoxia seemed to have correctly treated her infection and fever.

Official flow results are out too. And sadly although Chloe’s tumor load went down from 90% to almost 30%, it is still not enough for her to be eligible for a bone marrow transplant. Her chances remain slim, and the doctors have no words for us but to take everything one day at a time still. They couldn’t proceed with strong chemo, as it might be too much for our little girl to bear; yet the tumor load has to go down soon.

We are still waiting for the final confirmation for the March 2 meeting with St Jude doctor’s, hopefully they would have better insights and could give more hope for Chloe’s treatment.

We wept with the load of fear creeping on us as Chloe’s body weakens and time runs, please pray for us to be strong still and by God’s will, His miracle will happen to our Amazingly Brave Chloe.

#AmazinglyBraveCHLOE #ABC #keepthefaith #letsfightleukemiatogether #chloe_nicole #staystrongchloe

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Update posted by Jan Michael Oyales On Feb 21, 2019

Praise Update and Prayer Request!

Full results are not yet ready but Microscope Reading Results are out!

Praise God Chloe's Myeoblasts (AML) went down to 2% compared to the 15% from the 1st time she was diagnosed in Singapore. Although the ALL went up from 15% to 16% the doctors said it was minimal and they will be planning to target her ALL after official flow results are out.

We will find out on Tuesday next week the actual percentages of her 3 types of leukemia. Please pray for good favorable official results!

Also on March 2, St. Jude doctors will be in Singapore, please pray that we will be able to secure a consultation time with them and for wisdom on the direction and plan to follow for Chloe's healing.

Praise God that although pale, with low blood, low platelets, and with her immune down, Chloe remains active, has appetite to eat and generally doing well. Its really pure grace from God.

Please do continue to pray that her body holds up so that we won't need to stop with her medications.

Everyone, thank you so much for praying and for the continuous support. Chloe was also delighted and we are uplifted as well for all the support, cards and gifts we have received from both children and adults back in Manila!

All glory to God!

#AmazinglyBraveCHLOE #ABC #keepthefaith #letsfightleukemiatogether #chloe_nicole

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