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About the applicant and his experience

"Casa David și Daniel" association is an association established in 2021, its purpose is humanitarian, having among its objectives the organization and carrying out of charity activities, the provision of material and financial support to people in need; the integration into society of people from placement centers, of children with special needs, of children and young people at risk; the material and cultural stimulation of different categories of children and young people in order to continue and complete their studies, professional training and personal development; the development of programs and social services that respond to the real needs of the community, especially of children at risk or other vulnerable categories; supporting children and young people with exceptional academic results and who do not have the financial means to continue/complete their studies.

Relevant experience in the field

From personal experience I understood how important support, support and work is to overcome the condition given by the circumstances of life: abandonment, having special needs, living in conditions of poverty, being an orphan.

During 2020-2022, informally, with the help of donations from individuals, we carried out actions and programs for children in foster care centers and family-type homes, elderly people, single mothers and needy families, to help them to meet new people with a big heart, who will bring a smile to them and help them discover that the world can be a more beautiful, warmer, more colorful and more alive place.

We met them with different campaigns to collect food and other things of strict necessity, but also with activities and campaigns through which we contributed to their human development and training. The results of the campaigns and programs carried out in recent months are reproduced below:
"Adopt a child" campaign: 5,000 packages offered in the 4 campaigns of the 2020/2022 school year to children from orphanages and needy families (food, sweets, equipped backpacks, clothing)
"I love you Mom" campaign: 200 packages per campaign to mothers from "Mother and Child" Centers, abused women and mothers from needy families (hygiene products, letter of encouragement and chocolate).
"Food box" campaign: 70 packages offered to needy families in Cluj county monthly (food, diapers and other necessary items)
"Warm a soul" campaign: 10 families received firewood needed during the winter.
"Send a Child to Summer Camp" campaign: 200 children from orphanages, disabled and needy families were provided with transportation and meals to participate in a week-long summer camp.
The "Alaturi De Tine" project, initiated in February 2021: Within the project, we support, encourage and support children from orphanages through various activities: recreational outings, mentoring meetings, celebrating birthdays.
The "Remarkat" scholarship: 20 students without opportunities and with good academic results received meditations in preparation for the Baccalaureate, and for 5 female graduates the banquet costs were covered.
About the project - justification/problem/needs

As part of the "Ad astra" project, we want to open a day center where we can carry out programs and activities of the association for children from foster care centers, from family homes, children with special needs and for those at risk. We consider the number of day care centers and available places to be insufficient compared to the number of institutionalized children and young people
Currently, young people who leave state child protection institutions at the age of majority are insufficiently prepared for adult life.

Through the proposed programs and activities, we aim for their integration into society, their personal development, the development of the necessary skills and professional training to be prepared to manage on their own and understand the responsibilities of adult life once they leave the institutionalized system of child protection the child upon reaching the age of majority.

Ad astra ("to the stars") is the vision we want to convey to the beneficiaries of the project. We want to help children and young people strive for more, reach their true potential, understand that they are not defined by their circumstances and that they can fulfill the dreams they have for their lives.

Young people will benefit from a series of workshops on topics such as financial education, responsibility, independence, as well as psychological and educational counseling. They will also receive help to enter the workforce through career guidance sessions and mediation from competent people. All this is aimed at helping them to realize what are the needs that will arise in adult life and to identify the ways through which they can develop their adult life skills.

The project is aimed at children and young people from orphanages, those with disabilities and children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Cluj County, aged up to 18 years.

Through this project we aim to create the day center where the programs and activities of the Ad astra project can take place.
Project objectives:
• Acquisition of the bulding of the day center
• The integration into society of young people who come from the institutionalized child protection system and those from disadvantaged backgrounds within Cluj County.
• Preparing the beneficiaries for an independent life with all that it implies from an emotional, social and professional point of view, to reduce the fear of young people to leave the institution, the feeling of insecurity, of marginalization and for the development of autonomy.
• Facilitation of activities intended for people with neuropsychic disabilities
• Creation of personal development groups for center beneficiaries.
• Offering volunteering opportunities from the center's beneficiaries in actions aimed at disadvantaged people in Cluj county (other campaigns and actions of the association).


• Acquisition of a bulding of the Ad astra day center;
• A day center arranged and equipped with equipment necessary for its use in optimal conditions;
• Do we estimate a number of 50? participants / type of activity for the period of one year;
• 250 permanent beneficiaries annually in the project;
• 4 people will be employed full time to coordinate the center, activities and volunteer staff:
• Beneficiaries of Ad astra programs will voluntarily get involved in the actions and campaigns of the Association to understand that the good received must be given further;
• At least 50% of the beneficiaries will integrate into society as independent and responsible adults.

PLANNED ACTIVITIES – the ones below would do well to be described in a little more detail

To achieve the proposed objectives, we plan the following activities:

1.Bulding acquisition
We will identify a building, intended for the Ad astra day center: in the Florești / Cluj-Napoca area, on an area of at least 1,000 square meters land

3. Equipment of the space
4. Identification and contracting of specialized personnel for the implementation of the programs (June-December 2023)
The staff contracted to coordinate and carry out the activities will be both employed and volunteer.
5. Conclusion of partnerships (June-December 2023)
In order to identify the beneficiaries of specific activities, partnerships will be concluded with child protection institutions. There could also be partnerships with school/academic institutions/NGOs to identify volunteers.
6. Official opening of the center (April 2023)if we rise monny for project
Want a festive event?
7. Carrying out the activities of the "Ad astra" center according to a clearly established schedule (Jan-Dec 2023)
The programs and activities will be oriented in 4 directions: vocational training courses for young people over 16, specific activities for people with disabilities, personal development groups and before and after school activities. (...)



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