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I want make Gentoo based distro for Raspberry Pi (i like Gentoo very much :) with some tools for BitCoin mining and Motion Detect over USB camera (or two, or three) with www interface for configuring, playing, downloading, deleting and more things.


Why Gentoo ? I use this distro more than 5 years (before that, i try Debian, Slackware, Red Hat ... and ... for me Gentoo is the best :)

Why Raspberry Pi ? Because is small, silent, and take little power (compared to my PIII with USB cam for monitoring)

Why Motion Detect ? Because i build my own monitoring system based on PIII 700 MHz machine (with Gentoo of course :) and USB cameras, and i want make better system on nice Raspberry :)

Why BitCoin ? Why not ? :) Ok ok, because it's nice idea, and Raspberry + Z-Tex board (or BitForce Single) is equal to small amount of used energy and why this machine has only run monitoring system ?

Why such an amount ? I need hardware for testing.

Why so long ? Unfortunately is there a long time to delivery time :( (from Raspberry Pi site : "Despatch expected in 14 week(s)" )

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Katowice, Poland (Polska)

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Born in 1979 (with the keyboard in the hands ;) Linux user since 1997. Some programmer, some administrator, loves technology and how it can be used