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About This Campaign

Please keep on checking this page for further details on the events organised leading up to the l-Istrina Day on 26 December 2013


L-Istrina is Malta’s major charity event, and is organised by The Malta Community Chest Fund. Help us make this year’s edition a greater success!

The Malta Community Chest Fund is a charitable institution chaired by The President of Malta. The President’s wife is the Deputy Chairperson. The aim of the institution is to help philanthropic institutions and more importantly, the individuals with different needs.  The Fund does not receive any funds from the Government. However, throughout the year, various activities such as balls and concerts are organised by the Fund and also by the Office of The President to raise funds.  The Malta Community Chest Fund also relies on the generosity of corporate companies and the general public for the collection of money.

The Malta Community Chest Fund is very busy organising one event after the other starting with the Publication Tisjir mill-Qalb (Cooking from the Heart), followed by a Fine Arts Auction, The President’s Charity Fun Run and Paqpaqli għall-Istrina. All these events lead to the l-Istrina day which is on the 26th December, aired live on all local TV and radio stations between midday and midnight. 

For further info kindly visit www.mccf.org.mt and www.l-istrina.org
Donated So Far

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  1. Updated posted by ClaudeMifsud On Jan 04, 2013

    Kick off

    Today the project was launched, publicizing mainly on Twitter and Reddit.

    We appreciate all the help you can give, Charity doesn't only mean money. If you can't donate money, we would appreciate that you'd spread the word.

    Thank you all in advance.


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