GoGetFunding Fundraisers That Showed The Power Of Crowdfunding in 2014

As we head into another year at GoGetFunding, we thought it would be a good time to share some of the highlights of 2014. Here are just four of the many campaigns (in no particular order) that got everyone talking, sharing and donating, proving how powerful crowdfunding really can be:


With more than 1700 backers Shaneen Allen’s fundraiser truly captured the mood of Americans regarding gun law and possession. Her fundraiser not only raised enough money to provide legal defense, it helped highlight potential inadequacies in current US law.



Little Tessa captured the hearts of everyone, attracting media attention in Ireland, the UK, the US and many other countries. More than 250 backers have helped ensure not only Tessa benefits, but two other charities close to her family’s hearts – Changing Faces and Headlines.




Dax caused quite a stir with his early arrival during his British parents trip to New York. 978 backers donated towards helping the family. Overwhelmed by the generosity of others combined with the confirmation that their travel insurance would be honoured, the family redirected donors to the Ronald McDonald House Charities – a charity that continues to support them during their extended stay in America

What started as a small fundraiser to hopefully raise £2,000 to help secure a deposit on a flat for Robbie, soon escalated when it went viral. GoGetFunding experienced an unprecidented number of visitors to its site, and it was quickly apparent that people wanted to donate more – a lot more.


Dominique’s fundraiser attracted a staggering 4989 backers and was an impressive example of how crowdfunding can work so well in a short space of time.


We have been honoured and humbled to be able to be a part of these inspiring fundraisers, and look forward to many more in 2015. If you would like to create your fundraiser, simply click on the link below:


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Author: Sandip Sekhon

The founder and CEO of GoGetFunding. He graduated from University of Westminster and also holds an MSc from Cass Business School. Sandip is an avid martial artist and an absolute tech geek!

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